mapping detroit's collective unconscious since 2017


Welcome to DR3AM.SPACE

What is it? Short answer, it's a Detroit Dream Survey.

If you live in Detroit and you have Dreams at night, this is the service for you! DR3AM.SPACE is a Dream collection and processing service designed to help Detroiters realize their full psychic potential through better awareness of their unconscious insights on the world.

In the process we hope to chart the psychic landscape of the city, hopefully uncovering valuable insights in the process!

Feel free to poke around the site, and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us!

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9 7 1 - 2 5 1 - 0 0 9 4

Even if it feels silly at the time, it's important to be heard . . .

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Social Media

DR3AM.SPACE has accounts on a couple of social media platforms, which you can follow to keep up to date with the development of the site and, starting in mid March 2018, insights into local dream trends!