The Underlying Theory

DR3AM.SPACE was founded in 2017 with one goal: to map the collective unconscious of the Detroit area.

Dreams are influenced by the waking experiences of the Dreamers' lives. It therefore stands to reason that people who live in the same place and go through very similar experiences in the waking world would have similar building blocks for their unconscious to work with at night.

Though they may start with similar materials, the mind is a highly personal thing. How the unconscious of the individual uses these stimuli and what it makes with them is what interests us. Though each Dream may be different, there may be common threads.

This is important because many psychological studies over the years have shown that large scale, complicated decisions are made better after unconscious deliberation. Therefore, by documenting the Dreams of the Detroit area, we hope to obtain new perspectives and insights into how the conscious and unconscious lives of Detroiters can be improved.

What Kind of Dreams Do You Want?

All kinds of dreams! Daydreams, Night Dreams, Good Dreams, Nightmares, Exciting Dreams, and even mundane dreams!

For example, did you dream last night that your dog told you they wanted a different brand of dog food?

Log it!

Did you have a dream the next night that your dog told you they wanted a different brand of dog food?

Log that one too!

What about this: the next night you dream your dog told you they want a different brand of dog food?

At this point you should not only log that dream, but probably strongly consider buying a different brand of dog food!

How Do I Participate?

Luckily, it's very easy to participate. On the main page of the site, click the floating cell phone over the word 'survey'.

We recommend dedicating the first five or ten minutes after you wake up to making some notes about your Dreams even if you choose not to participate in this survey.

It also tends to help keep the dream fresh to describe it in the first person and present tense.

From here you just report, in as much detail as you can remember, your Dream.

What Do I Get From This?

You listen to your unconscious when it tells you that you're hungry and you're better off for it. You listen to your unconscious when it tells you that you need sleep and you're better off. Most major schools of psychology, including those of Freud and Jung, acknowledge that Dreams are indicative of psychic needs and desires.

By listening to your needs, you can only benefit.

Is This Related To . . .

no, DR3AM.SPACE is not affiliated with

the AWESOME story

the metal album

the inflatable art exhibition that killed those people

the sketchy looking career consulting firm

the european media collaboration project

the 2008 short film

DR3AM.SPACE is totally different, it even has a 3 instead of an E in the URL! How much more different can you get?

How can I Contact DR3AM.SPACE

You can reach us via email at admin@dr3am.space

Originally, DR3AM.SPACE was just a Dream Hotline! You can still call in Dreams if you'd prefer, at 9 7 1 . 2 5 1 . 0 0 9 4

What Universities are You Affiliated With?

Great Question! The Answer: None! DR3AM.SPACE is one man's quixotic quest to chart a major metropolitan areas collective unconscious completely on his own!

Who Would Be Dumb Enough to Spend Time and Money on That?

Howdy! I'm a regular old Hamtramck resident! I'm no master psychologist, but you don't have to be a master cobbler to take a survey of local shoes!

I'm an easy going guy who want to improve the lives of the people around me! Here's a picture of me in a garage:

What If I Don't Want To Participate Now That I've Seen You?

C'mon, don't be mean